Sifu J. Justin Meehan - Short Bio

Lafayette Professional Building
Phone: 314.772.9494

Sifu Justin Practices With Grandmaster Feng
in January 2007

J. Justin Meehan or Sifu Justin, as he is called by his students, has spent 45 years in the martial arts, and more than 40 years (1967) specifically studying Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) and Chinese Kung Fu Wu Shu (Siu Lum, Praying Mantis, Hung Gar, Wing Chun and weapons, especially straight sword). He is a St. Louis attorney and President of the Chinese Internal Arts Association and St. Louis Taoist Research and Resource Forum. He was the first person to introduce and teach Chinese Kung Fu Wu Shu in the state of Missouri He has studied Taiji under some of the world's most renowned Masters, including:

  • Yang Taiji under William CC Chen and Yang Zheng-Duo (son of Yang Cheng Fu)
  • Chen Taiji under Feng Zhiqiang, Chen Xiao Wang, Ma Hong, and his Shirfu, Zhang Xue Xin

He was a member of the first U.S. Sports Delegation invited to study the original Chen-style Taiji in Beijing, China, under Master Feng Zhiqiang in 1981. He, along with 21 of his students, returned to Beijing, China in January of 2007 to celebrate Master Feng's 80th birthday and to participate in the First International HunYuan Conference marking the inauguration of the first system to incorporate both Taiji and Qigong together.

Sifu Justin poses with Master Zhang

Since 1991, he has studied under Master Feng's Senior U.S. Representative, Master Zhang Xue Xin in San Francisco, President of the U.S. Feng Zhiqiang Chen Taiji Association. Sifu Justin is also the senior US disciple of Master Zhang Xue Xin, making him a 20th generation Chen Taijiquan and third generation HunYuan Taiji lineage holder through Master Zhang Xue Xin and Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. He is the authorized Central States Director of Master Zhang and the U.S. Feng Zhiqiang Chen Taiji Association. He has taught at St. Louis University, for course credit at Meramec College in St. Louis, for Katherine Dunham and at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

In addition to teaching Taiji, Sifu Justin is a well-known author on the subject of Taiji with over 30 articles printed in the leading Tai Chi and Martial Arts Magazines, including selection as among the "best of the best" in the book The Ultimate Guide to Tai Chi. He is included as a recognized North American Master in GrandMaster Liang Shou Yu's Master work, Kung Fu Elements.

Sifu Justin pushes hands with Grandmaster Feng
in 1981

Sifu Justin is also nationally respected as a tournament director and chief judge for Chinese Internal Arts Competition, including Chen, Yang, Wu, Sword, and other Taiji styles for Taiji Form and Weapons competition as well as both Fixed and Moving Push Hands competitions. He sponsored the first three Midwestern Chinese Internal Arts Championships in 1990, 1991 and 1992. His students have distinguished themselves in both Regional and National Chinese Martial Arts Championships in Taiji form, Push Hands, and Sword competitions. Several have been National Champions.

In addition to Taiji, Sifu Justin also teaches Qigong, which he has studied for over 25 years. He has studied Buddhist, Taoist, Er Mei, Health Maintanance, and Hun Yuan systems. He is a certified Medical Qigong Instructor under Master Liang Shou Yu (author of Qigong Empowerment), as well as an authorized teacher of the Xin Yi Hun Yuan Qigong system of Master Feng Zhiqiang under Master Zhang Xue Xin of San Francisco. He is a recognized professional member of the National Qigong Association and President of the St. Louis Taoist Resource and Research Forum. He currently teaches the system of Master Feng Zhiqiang also referred to as Xin Yi Hun Yuan(which combines Chen Taiji, Hsing I, Traditional Chinese Medical theory, and Taoist QiGong) at the Missouri Botanical Gardens and at Floored in South City St. Louis. He has taught workshops all over the US and beyond, including Brazil.

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