Master Zhang Xue Xin Birthday (Oct. 2007, San Francisco)
Master Zhang Xue Xin with all schools (San. Fran, San Diego, Ohio and St.Louis)
St. Louis Group:
(Front Row, lt-rt) Teachers: Cis Hager, Zhang TaiTai (wife), Master Zhang, Sifu Justin, Jim Gera and Kai Hung Lau (present in spirit Herb Parran) (Back Row, lt-rt) students: Dr. Paul Lee,DC, Dr. Dale Anderson, MD., Attorney Ron Norwood, teacher Nik Vauters (Bizbee, Az) and Kwok Phoon
Master Zhang Xue Xin and his senior US disciple Sifu Justin Meehan
Sifu Cis Hager, Master Zhang Xue Xin, Sifu Justin
Steph Money, Kai, Master Zhang, Nikyha "Nik" Vauters (Az.), and her teacher, Sifu Justin
Attorney Ron Norwood, Master Zhang and Sifu Justin